Laramie Community Theatre

Four women, on their way to an evening at the theatre, stop for dinner at the establishment owned by the ex-husband of one of them. Between the salad and entrée, he ends up dead. Each has a reason to wish him dead; perhaps one did more than wish. Perhaps it was one of the other guests. Only unwinding the plot will tell which one is the murderer!

tba Johnny Sterling is a brave young cowboy out to find The Rattler; the vile bandit who bushwhacked his pal. Before Johnny can bring justice to a lawless land he needs to solve a few other problems. The first problem is getting the hero worshipping Mindy, a young settler he saved on the trail, back to her family. He also has to navigate his way around a traveling salesman who may know more about the bandit gang than he should and a stern schoolmarm. His major problem is Edwina, the widow of his friend. He may be falling in love with her. Can Johnny set everything right before The Rattler strikes?
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